Terminator Hornby


It’s just that there comes a point where the facts don’t matter any more, and even though you know everything, you know nothing, because you don’t know what anything felt like. That’s the thing about stories, isn’t it? You can tell someone the facts in about ten seconds, if you want to, but the facts are nothing. Here are the facts you need for The Terminator: in the future, supercomputer robots want to control the earth and distroy the human race. The only hope we have in the year 2029 is the leader of the resistance. So the robots send Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the Terminator, back in time to kill the leader of the resistance before he has ever been born. That’s pretty much it. Also, a member of the resistance travels back in time to protect the mother of the future leader. That’s why there’s so much fighting. So you’ve got defenceless mother of future leader plus resistance fighter against Arnold the Terminator. Did you enjoy these facts? No, of course you didn’t, because you felt nothing, so you didn’t care. I’m not saying that the story of Alicia and Roof and me is as good as the Terminator. I’m just saying that if you stick to the facts, then the whole point of a story has disappeared.

(De N. Hornby)

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